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Enza Zaden

Enza Zaden is our largest supplier. Based in the Netherlands, ENZA backs up their international breeding reputation by having research stations in Australia and NZ with a number of breeders based locally. This gives Australian growers a huge advantage as the ENZA team has an in-depth knowledge of our local requirements, and conditions. Allowing us to provide the best varieties from around the world with many of them bred for our local Australian market.

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Fito is a Spanish based family owned company that is continuing to grow their market share across Europe. Fito specialises in breeding crops that target protected cropping regions such as Tomatoes, Egg Plant, Cucumber, and Sweet Peppers. Of special importance to us in the Australian market is the Fito range of Egg Plant and Cucumber.

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Origene Seeds

Origene Seeds is an innovative, breeding company that specialises in watermelons and rock melons, which have proven very successful across a number of international markets. Terranova has a developed a number range of Origene varieties for the Australian market.

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Based in Kyoto, Japan, Takii has been dedicated to agriculture for over 180 years. With an unchanging mission to produce productive, flavourful, and nutritious superior vegetable varieties. In recent years Takii has been focussed on developing a number of crops that are suited to the Australian markets. Takii has lived up to its reputation as a world-class breeding company for almost two centuries.

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US Agriseeds

US Agriseeds is part of the Volo Agri Group of companies based in the USA. US Agriseeds has a number of breeding locations around the world and specialises in crops such as Harper Melons, Cucumbers, Tomatoes, and Hot and Sweet Peppers. Focussed on breeding varieties with increased yields, improved disease resistance, and post-harvest processing advantages while still achieving exceptional taste.

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3 Star

3 Star is based in the Salinas Valley in California the home of US lettuce production and breeding. 3 Star, in conjunction with Tanimura and Antel, have developed a huge range of lettuce varieties across all categories. 3 Star continues to focus on increasing their range and increasing the range of disease resistance across their salad mix, COS and iceberg varieties. The demand for new varieties colours and textures in lettuce provide a constant challenge, and we are trialling many 3 Star products across Australia to ensure that we can provide Australian grower with the widest possible range of varieties.

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