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Hybrid Greenhouse – Indeterminate Round Tomato

  • Glossy very attractive fruit
  • Outstanding shelf life
  • Early maturity
  • 220g to 240g fruit
  • High pack outs
  • Manageable plant with short internodes.

Disease Resistance
Fol:0,1, For, Pf, ToMV, TSWV, Va, Vd, Fon, Ma/Mi/Mj




Hybrid Indeterminate Round Tomato

  • Strong plant type with short internodes
  • Suited to protected culture
  • High marketable yield potential
  • Maintains fruit size throughout the growing cycle
  • Uniform fruit set within the truss
  • High quality fruit present well when packed
  • August to February transplant in Virginia

Disease Resistance
• HR: Fol(0,1), For(0), Pf, Tm:0-2, ToMV, TYLCV, Va(0), Vd(0)
• IR: Ma/Mi/Mj.




Hybrid Indeterminate Tomato

  • Very controlled, almost self-terminating plant
  • Large sizing (180 – 200gram) maintaining size up the plant
  • Fruit is of exceptional firmness for a large tomato
  • Excellent shelf life
  • Recommended for summer production

Additional comments and cultural notes
Disease package includes:

Tomato Yellow Leaf Curl Virus
Fusarium Ox 0,1,2 (F3)
Leaf Mould Ff A-E
Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus
Tomato Mosaic Virus:0-2
Verticillium Wilt (Va,Vd)
Nematode (Ma, Mi, Mj)




Hybrid Indeterminate Cherry Tomato

  • Open and strong plant type
  • Excellent yields as a result of consistent fruit setting and uniform size
  • Short internodes
  • Very long shelf life
  • Good tolerance to cracking.

Disease resistance:
HR: ToMV / Fol: 0, 1 / Ff: A-E
IR: TYLCV / Ma / Mi / Mj.

Win Win


Hybrid Indeterminate Round Tomato

  • Strong robust Indeterminate tomato with F3 resistance
  • Fruit size is around 160-180gm
  • Excellent firmness for long shelf life
  • Medium plant size with short internodes
  • Early maturing
  • Disease resistance: Fol (0,1,2), ToMV, TSWV, TYLCV.

Mygliorito (MG)


SAIS Professionale

Indeterminate Cherry Tomato

  • Vigorous plant, with short and very regular internodes
  • Maintains fruit size through the growing cycle
  • Suited for greenhouse and open field cultivation
  • Regular and long clusters with strong attachments
  • Round, firm fruit, bright red, L.S.L.
  • Fruit size over 20gr.
  • Disease resistance:

    HR: ToMV:0-2/Fol:0,1/Va:0/Vd:0

    IR: TYLCV/Ma/Mi/Mj
Terranova Seeds - Tomato Sylviana




Hybrid Tomato – Indeterminate

  • Very refined glasshouse appearance – deep red colour when ripe
  • Medium-large size with even sizing up the vine
  • Very vigorous growth habit
  • Extremely firm 4 locule
  • Extended shelf life
  • Disease package includes:
    – Tomato Yellow Leaf Curl Virus
    – Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus
    – Fusarium Ox. Race 1-3

Additional comments and cultural notes

  • Fertiliser applications and amounts should be carefully considered regarding the very vigorous growth habit of the vine
  • Contact your local Territory Manager for pruning and cultural requirements