Thinking vegetable seeds? Think Terranova

Terranova Seeds is a specialist vegetable seeds company supplying commercial growers with a broad range of vegetable seeds and technical advice.


Thinking Onions? Think Terranova

We currently have good stocks of many Onion varieties on hand. Please discuss seed availability with your Territory Manager.


Thinking Cucumbers? Think Terranova

It’s cucumber time! Check out our range of cucumber seeds – we have American Slicer, Glasshouse Continental, Glasshouse Lebanese and Specialty varieties available.


Who is Terranova Seeds?

We are a specialist vegetable seed company with offices in Australia and New Zealand.

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Terranova Seeds is a specialist vegetable seed company with offices and warehouses located in Australia and New Zealand. Our specialised technical staff and world-class seed production facilities allow us to provide the highest quality seed offering to our customers.

We are committed to supplying high quality seeds with high purity and germination rates; all trialled under local conditions. Our commitment to our quality standards ensures that we provide seeds that perform, and full technical support to you, our customers.

Terranova is a fully owned subsidiary of South Pacific Seeds, however, we trade as a completely independent entity. We also export our range to the Pacific Islands, Asia, Middle East, Africa and Eastern Europe.

Reliable seeds. Quality seeds. That’s what you can count on whenever you think Terranova Seeds.


Herbs are an extremely important part of the Terranova Product Range and we are committed to growing out sales by providing Australian growers with a wide range of top quality varieties.
Seed quality and infield support are a critical part of our commitment to this exciting market. Herbs for both Fresh Market in pots or fresh cut variants continue to show strong growth in the Australian market. In addition, various forms of processing are increasing the range of textures and flavours available to our growers and consumers.
Terranova Seeds have been working with a wide range of ENZA Herbs for many years. We are very pleased to be able to offer a large and diverse range of species and varieties as detailed in this catalogue.
We are committed to ongoing product development of the ENZA Herb range, on this bases we look forward to introducing new varieties in to the market in the years ahead.

Visit this link to view the ENZA Herb Brochure for more information.

Melon Guide

Our range includes varieties Watermelons, and Pollinators from Origene along with Re-Start, an exciting new Harper Type Rockmelon, and Honeydews from Takii.

To view our current melon range which includes many of Origene’s varieties, please click here

Terranova Seeds - Salad Mix

Thinking Quality Salad Mix?

The Terranova Salad Mix range features a wide variety of lettuce and other salad leaf types including several varieties of Rocket, Mustard, Green & Red Cos, Green Oak, and Red Coral.

For full details of all the Salad Leaf varieties available, please click here

Thinking Quality Onions?

We have a wide range of Onion seed available now for the 2018 sowing season.

For more information on our current range including new varieties from ENZA and Takii, please click here

Growing Cauliflowers?

Terranova Seeds in conjunction with ENZA Zaden  have been developing the ENZA range of Cauliflowers for the Australian market over the last 5 years.
The field performance of varieties such as Altair. Crenique and Estatique has provided growers with crops of exceptional quality.

We have several commercial varieties and continue to work on new products that fit our diverse range of climatic conditions. We are also focussing on disease resistance such as Verticillium. The planting guide gives details of the range as well as transplanting and harvest guides for the major growing regions. For specific recommendations please make contact with our relevant Territory Manager.

Download the Cauliflower Planting Guide here.

Thinking Fito?

Semillas Fitó is a Spanish multinational that was founded in 1880 in Barcelona. Over the course of the last 140 years it has gone from being a small family seed enterprise to one of the biggest multinationals in the field of genetic improvements and the production and distribution of seeds for horticultural and field crops.

Semillas Fitó is a company that has not only managed to grow but also to tackle the challenge of internationalisation. Nowadays, Fito varieties are sold in over 70 countries around the world where many Fito varieties are seen as benchmarks in their specific crops.

Fito has 8 specialised breeding stations and 12 trial stations around the world with a growing number of subsidiaries across a diverse range of countries including Chile, India, Italy, Mexico and Turkey with the specific goal of assisting growers, in the quest to improve and adapt their varieties to local regions and climates.

Terranova Seeds are proud of our long-term relationship with Semillas Fito and we see an increasing number of Fito varieties being bred and commercialised that have a very good fit in the Australian market.

Download the Fito Protected Cropping Guide here.